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BWD-90 Antena dipolo plegado 1 8 - 54 MHz 30m Coaxial con conector Barker & Williamson U S A

Código del aviso: 1271642414554
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Precio: $ 337.250
Fecha Publicación: 18/04/2010
Región: RM
Ciudad: Santiago
Comuna: Ñuñoa
Cantidad de visitas: 1023
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Particularidades del Aviso - Aparatos de Radio:
Tipo de Oferta: Venta
Condición: Nuevo
Tipo: Radios Onda Corta
All products
proudly made
 in the USA
Antenna shown rolled up and attached to optional FDMK mounting kit
Broadband Folded Dipole HF  Antennas
These antennas are so unique that they were even patented! They can offer fully automatic, low SWR operation over the entire HF band without need for an antenna tuner, plus 6 meters with a tuner.  Yes, that includes the new 60 meter band.  They are frequency agile, which is a necessity to operate ALE capable radios.  They will propagate NVIS, local, medium or long distance.  Try that with a vertical!  Delivery of the quietest possible reception is integral to the design, with automatic static bleed off from wind or thunderstorms.  Ready to go right out of the box, no taps to change, nothing to tune - ever!  Designed for the military and built to last.  Work any frequency you want without going through a lot of knob twirling and measurements to get a good SWR match - just set your frequency and go!
Why utilize a broadband antenna?
This one antenna does all of your "out of band" frequencies!  If your frequencies change it isn\\\\\\\\\'t a problem.  For regular amateurs, it is a single antenna solution.
Low cost compared to multiband antennas.  Utilize one antenna instead of several.  No need for an antenna tuner.  No antenna switches needed.
Not limited to conventional ham bands. Tune any HF frequency in the antenna\\\\\\\\\'s bandwidth, and have VSWR of 2:1 or better. 6 M VSWR of 3:1 or better.  Capture weak signals in receive mode. Much better performance than any vertical.  Very reliable. 
Simple to Install
Easy to install as inverted Vee, flat top, or sloper. Just put it up!  No adjustments of any kind. No tuning.  Completely assembled.  No grounds to play with.  Installation kit available (FDMK).
Simple to Use
Work any frequency you want without going through a lot of knob twirling and measurements to get a good SWR match.
This unique antenna design covers a continuous frequency range up to 1.8 to 30 Mhz, with a VSWR of less than 2:1 across the entire range when fed with a 50 ohm coaxial cable. No antenna tuner is required for HF for most radios. The fact that this antenna is folded over on itself and terminated gives the advantage of EMI rejection far greater than that of other antennas, making receive mode extra quiet. There are no adjustments required when changing frequency, making operation fast and simple for contests or emergency work.    There are no mechanical parts like relays or motors to wear out, as in some other broadband tuning systems! 
These antennas are ruggedly built. We use only stranded copperclad steel, and stranded stainless steel wire. Properly mounted they will withstand hurricanes. Tens of thousands are in service on every continent in the world, from the tropics to the antarctic regions. Installation is simple, allowing configuration as an inverted Vee, flat top, or sloper. Recommended minimum height above ground for 80 meter operation is 25 feet, 40 feet for 160 meters. The higher the installation, the more effectively the antenna will radiate, especially at the lower frequencies.  NVIS propagation is performed as a flat top at 6 - 12 feet, and will radiate approx 250 miles omnidirectional with no skip
This antenna was designed at Barker & Williamson at the request of the United States Government more than 25 years ago.  Since then we have supplied tens of thousands of them to the U.S. Armed Forces and many other military organizations including NATO,  UN, international disaster relief organizations, emergency management operations, and countless commercial organizations around the world.  It is also a favorite among amateur operators.  They can be found on every continent in the world, including Antarctica .  From the desert, to tropical rain forests, to frozen tundra - we know that they are very tough and deserve their excellent reputation for performance worldwide.
Copperweld Antennas
SWR <2:1
SWR <3:1
90 Ft
1.8 - 30 Mhz
160 - 10 Mtrs
30 - 54 Mhz
6 meters
Covers all of HF in  90 Ft
Common Specifications:
*       SWR less than 2:1 over entire HF frequency range for the model
*       SWR less than 3:1 from 30 - 54 Mhz
*       Lowest noise for unmatched reception
*       No antenna tuner required for HF
*       2 KW PEP Input Power, 1 KW PEP Output Power SSB/CW ICAS (Intermittent Commercial and Amateur Service)
*       #14 stranded copperweld or stainless steel
*       50 ohm input with SO-239, N connector on S/S models
*       Comes completely assembled, easy to install
*       Install as inverted Vee, flat top, or sloper
*       Mounting kit FDMK for three pole installations available

Aparatos de Radio Venta: Aparatos de Radio Venta - Nuevo: Aparatos de Radio Venta - Nuevo - Radios Onda Corta:  BWD-90 Antena dipolo plegado 1 8 - 54 MHz 30m Coaxial con conector Barker & Williamson U S A  Ñuñoa  Santiago  RM

Electrónica  Comunicación  Aparatos de Radio
El vendedor 'PARRAGUEZ_LTDA' asume toda la responsabilidad por este aviso.

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